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北京赛车pk10现场开奖结果:As the amount of money involved billion bail suspects succes

赛车pk10稳赚技巧 May 12, 2015, Beijing City Public Security Bureau Public Transport Safety Management Bureau to the crime of fraud, Mr. L's criminal detention. L to the families originally hired a lawyer is not satisfied, attracted to the Beijing Dacheng Law Firm, to hire a Lawyer Zhang Zhiyong, Du Yonghao lawyer, served as the defender of L.

Zhang Zhiyong, Du Yonghao lawyer first met L, and to understand the relevant case. The case by a famous domestic Internet companies report fraud related personnel of the company and cause related to & ldquo; traffic hijacking & rdquo; new legal issues, involved as many as 20 people, involving billions of yuan. Rumors four, various messages for L exist everywhere, families unable to agree on which is right, whether it constitutes a crime, much confusion and distress.

Through the trouble of met on several occasions, full communication and l case, according to the facts of the case and the relevant laws and regulations, Zhang Zhiyong, Du Yonghao lawyers believe that, Mr. l did not commit the crime of fraud, especially there is no common fraud crime of criminal motive and behavior, l acts does not constitute reconnaissance aircraft related charges of fraud, Zhang Zhiyong, Du Yonghao lawyer's professional judgment, greatly encouraged by the confidence of L and their families.

Zhang Zhiyong, Du Yonghao law timely to the investigating authorities submitted bail application, shall not be approved after, not discouraged, immediately report to the examination and approval of arrest in Beijing Chaoyang District People's Procuratorate submit the not approved the arrest of opinions ", expounds the lawyer's point of view. Chaoyang District City, Beijing people's Procuratorate, the part of the adoption of a lawyer's point of view, in June 18, 2015, the L conditional approval of arrest.

According to the Supreme People's Procuratorate, the people's Procuratorate for examination and arrest of quality standards, the prosecution of the prosecution in the process of review of the existing evidence, the fact that the existing evidence has basically constituted a crime, it is believed that after further investigation to collect evidence necessary to convict the crime, the suspect is arrested, the case may be approved by the attorney general or the procuratorial committee. The implementation of this system has practical significance for the procuratorial organs to accurately apply the arrest measures to combat crime and protect human rights.

The defender believes that, after a month of supplementary investigation, still did not collect the relevant evidence of L alleged fraud, the L should change the mandatory measures. In addition, similar to the behavior of traffic hijacking, Pudong New Area City, Shanghai people's court has been identified as “ damage to the computer information system crime ” does not constitute a crime of fraud, and the relevant defendant is applied to probation. The decision of the case is of significance. Therefore, Mr. L's case does not belong to major cases.

Defenders immediately the case submitted investigative and arrest authority, procuratorate suggestions of L to detention are reviewed and the L again for bail.

Through unremitting efforts, August 13, 2015, the investigation organ agreed to a lawyer's application, of l change of coercive measures, to be released on bail. L out of the high wall, with family reunion. The case, involving a wide range of, high value, complex, but Zhang Zhiyong, lawyers, Du Yonghao lawyers catch cases the key points, to outside interference and bad information unmoved, always adhere to the correct judgment, embodies the criminal defense lawyer skilled professional level.


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